CCTV and Alarm Systems


Our CCTV Systems offer a wide range of applications and benefits, 24 hours a day. These systems can aid and monitor stock, machinery, personnel, visitors, access control and health and safety requirements.


Our extensive CCTV Monitoring and Alarm Receiving Centre based in Greater Manchester provides around the clock 24 hour observation. We can attend incidents or events with our uniformed patrols and will respond to events triggered by integrated motion or other sensor alarms.

During any incident or an event has been triggered and received at the ARC, a highly trained alarm engineer will respond swiftly, usually within two hours to ensure continuing capability of the system and full protection of your property.

With our linked remote monitoring, our CCTV can also prevent crime with full audio facilities, which enables our Operators to five warnings to potential attackers or assistance to staff, customers and other visitors.

In addition to the detector activated CCTV we can offer a number of building management and bespoke services to our customers by remotely controlling gates and access barriers via CCTV transmission equipment.


At Securetask we can offer a fast, efficient and reliable security alarm system.

We have a team of engineers dedicated to installation, commissioning, maintenance and repair, intruder alarms and fire alarms. All our systems are of the highest quality, specified and installed by skilled Technicians and designed to meet your requirements and the Security Systems Alarm Inspection Board Standards (SSAIB).

To ensure your buildings are safe, give our team a call. We will survey your property, give you expert advice on security, fire risk or safety procedures and help to work within your budget.